Why Year End Christmas is the best time to Make Money?

This year 2009 is almost end. Christmas is just a month away. That means long holiday is almost near. Do you prepare to take a long rest in this holiday? Well, before you do that, there are couples of things that we should take note. First, people around the world are getting their year end bonus during this period of time. Second, this is the time when people spend most of their money for season celebration and greetings. That means if you have a product to sell, December is the best month to do promotion.

When people have money, the question you might want to consider is “How do you find them and persuade them to purchase?” When people don’t have money, no matter how good your products, they still can’t purchase. If you’re able to produce a good product, you still have to pick the right time to promote and sell it. Normally the best time will be during special dates or when people have more money to spend. So when is the best and right time? The only time that people normally have money to spend is beginning of every month when salary is out and year end bonus collection day. Bonus collection day normally drops at the end of every year together with December salary day. As for special dates, below is a list of dates when most people will spend more money than ordinary day.

  • January 1st New Year Day
  • February 14th Valentine’s Day
  • March Easter
  • May Mother’s Day
  • May Father’s Day
  • October 3rd Thanksgiving
  • October 31st Halloween
  • December 25th Christmas

A season promotion discounts with coupons might just be a great way to sell your products. I’m sure right products with right selling time makes a good profit, definitely. Don’t say I don’t remind you, get it?



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3 Responses to “Why Year End Christmas is the best time to Make Money?”

  1. diggpoints says:

    yeah you right. many product can sell and get a lot of money.

  2. Apple pie says:

    Thanks for the heads up again. There’s a lot of money in seasonal shopping, it’s just kind of hard to figure out exactly where the money is since you only have a month or two a year with decent stats to figure it out. 😉

  3. Kumo says:

    Well, good thing is that there’s always next year.