Why do you need an iPhone 6s when you can get a similar phone for a lower price?

Why do people pay so much money for iPhone 6s? If you try to compare iPhone 6s and other similar smartphone from other manufactures, you will discover that their hardware specification is not much different. Manufactures or companies like SONY, Lenovo, HTC, Asus, Samsung or Xiaomi too produce good quality smartphones. But Why Apple gets to sell their smartphone at a higher price and people around the world are willing to pay for it?

This is actually an interesting question especially if you are into marketing and trying to promote your brand. One of the reasons people choose to have an iPhone 6s is because of the brand which seems to justify their status in society. If you want another example, I will say Nike air Jordon series of basketball shoe shares similar situation or condition. It is the kind of product which people will want to wait in line for days just to get the first hand on the product.

So if you are hoping to create your own product, how do you actually market or promote your product which makes people go crazy for it just like the Nike shoes or iPhone 6s? You can’t go for Nike style because it is difficult to get a super star like Michael Jordan. The best is to mimic iPhone 6s style of branding and promoting their product. One of the most interesting methods is focus on the people instead of the product. This means showing people how your product can affect their life. How your product can help improve the quality of their life style. Once you are able to show that their life or work can be better using your product, you basically already successfully generate a good impression of your product. Next you need to let people talking or discussing about your product often. You can basically do this by hiring bloggers to blog about your product. You can even get in touch with YouTube video clips maker and let them introduce your product. Don’t worry if some of their comments or opinions are negative. As long as you are able to collect those negative input and use it to improve your product, it will make a good impression that you actually listen to customers feedback and constantly improving your product.

There are still several ways Steve job promote Apple product effectively. You don’t have to learn all of them. Just couple of tricks I mention above is good enough to promote your product. Especially if you are just starting to pursuit for money making opportunities online, you will need some time to learn and practice those tricks.



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