Why do customers choose your products or services?

If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online by selling products or services, did you ever thought about why customers choose your products or services? Since there are so many similar products or services available online and some of them actually offer a very low price, it can be very competitive when it comes to getting the right product or service given a minimal budget. So the big question is why should customers purchase your product or service?

In order to find the answer, perhaps it is necessary for you to become an online customer at least for once. Try to purchase any product online and you will understand the experience of an online customer. Although it is kind of convenient to be able to shop online from the comfort of home, customers are actually bearing higher risk when comparing with shopping directly from the shop. First of all customers are unable to take a look or examine the actual product they are purchasing. There is a risk of having to purchase the wrong product or getting products which customers thought of but turn out differently. Secondly, customers have to be very careful when purchasing online especially when using their credit cards. Untrusted website has the tendency to leak important information such as credit card numbers and personal info.

If your website is able to prevent or solve the above problems from happening to customers, I’m sure customers will be willing to purchase your products or services even if your price is slightly higher compare to your competitors. Remember that online customers also wanted to feel safe and comfortable while shopping online.



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