Which is best to make money? Selling product or creating product?

There are a lot of ways to pursuit for money making opportunities online. You can either become an expert in marketing and trying to sell products, or you can create products and sell it. So which is actually the best way to make money? By the way, this is not just about physical products but also include ideas and knowledge. It is very difficult to be good at both creating products and selling them. Even if you are capable of doing both, you might not have the time and energy to cover every aspect or details. If you are hoping to maximize revenue, learning to delegate jobs and manage process is crucial.

The best way is to do what you are best in and hire others to do the job that you are not good at. It might sound simple but still there are lots of things to learn. So when we are talking about continue updating and learning, it is not just about your area of expertise. We are simply referring to overall areas which related to making money online.

Remember that either way can be the best way to make money online. It is mainly depends on you. It is the question of if you are able to perform or not. Are you good in marketing? Or are you good in creating product? Do you honestly know which area you are good in? Perhaps you just have to test it out in order to understand yourself better.



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