Which Display Size to work on for Mobile Money Making Opportunities Online

When we are designing mobile apps or creating a mobile site, which display size should we use or focus on? Although we tend to choose the display size that most mobile users will be using, as in this case that means the most popular mobile device sold. But if you just pick one particular display size, that means a lot of mobile users might have a problem using your mobile apps or surfing your mobile site. Although it might not affect the usage, it is definitely annoying to look it. And if you are trying to monetize the apps or mobile site, making full use of the small limited display size is the key to make money. By the way, it seems like there is no common display size when it comes to mobile devices. Just take a look and compare all the mobile devices you can find in the market. The iPhone series, iPad, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy series, BlackBerry series, HTC series and many other brands that you can think of. It seems like each of them have their own unique display size. And I’ll bet future new mobile product will pick a total different and unique display size.

So I will suggest going for multi-screen strategy rather than just focusing on one single display size. In fact you might consider making use of the display size different and turn it into a special unique feature. I would suggest having different display style, theme and content order for each individually display size might attract viewers. Viewers might be curious about it and try out all the display size available. It’s more like dressing up differently for four different seasons. Viewers will definitely generate a deeper impression with your unique display over different display size.

P/S: If you are giving out discount coupon codes for your product or services, try inserting a different discount coupon code into different display size. It should be fun to track down all the codes by trying out different display size one by one.



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