Where is your mobile game revenue going to come from?

At the beginning you are required to pay to download apps. That includes gaming apps. If you own a smartphone like iPhone from version 1 until the latest iPhone 6, I’m sure you notice a lot of new apps are offering free to download. Again that includes gaming apps too. Some apps are still charging users for a small amount of money but those are only due to their popularity or brand. (Old classic RPG Final Fantasy series is a good example) Newly design apps are mostly free to download. So how do these apps make money if they are giving out for free? Well, they apply the freemium strategy just like Skype. Users are free to download and use. But only at a limited function. A fully functioning app will require extra payment to unlock it. Some apps are free to use completely but with some annoying ads display at certain time or corner of the screen. Users can opt to disable ads completely with a small amount of payment. That’s how newly design smartphone apps make money now. Check out the infographic below for some interesting facts about how mobile games make money.

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