When there is a problem there is money making opportunity

Problems exist everywhere, any time and in any place. When there is a problem, there is money making opportunity. If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online, look for problems and try to solve them. When you are able to provide solution, you will make money. Depending on the type of solution you are providing, you can either make a lot of money or only a little bit of money. There are two types of solution we can try to come out with. The first and best is a permanent solution. This type of solution solves the problem for good. It just needs to apply only once and the problem will not occur any more. You can charge this solution a bit higher price because it is a one time job. The second solution is a temporary solution. It means the solution apply lasted for a period of time only. After the time expired, the problem reoccurs again. Over time your customers have to purchase your solution again and again. As it is a repeated sale, we usually charge a lower price. We have to make sure that the price is affordable so that customers can continue to purchase the solution.

You can start looking for problems and try to come out with solutions now. Problems existed all around us. The question is can you spotted it or not. Currently we tend to make use of smartphone apps to help solve our daily life issues or problems. Which is why now we have a lot of mobile apps that help keep us organize, help us keep fit, help us remember our busy schedule and many more. It shouldn’t be difficult to spot a problem. You just need to pay attention and think.



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