When is the best time to blog?

Honestly, I think any time can be the best time to blog. It actually depends on individual because everybody has different work schedule and busy time frame. You just have to find the time which suits you best to blog. If you have a busy timeline, try making use of technology to blog. In this situation, your smartphone becomes the best tool to help your blog.

In my previous blog post, I suggest to think about your blog title and content whenever you can. You can basically do this while you are on the way to work or back home. You can do so too when you are waiting in the line for lunch or in the bank. Sometimes an interesting idea or content might pop up suddenly in your mind while you are in the middle of work or something else. This is the time to make use of your smartphone and try to note down as many and as detail about the things that you have in mind. Don’t let great ideas slip away easily. When you are ready to produce or write your blog post, this is the time to construct your content or ideas into an attractive blog post. Remember that your smartphone allows you to type and record voice and video. Thus your notes can be in the form of writing, sound or video. Just make full use of it as you see convenient.



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