What to do with the moments that you identify?

Now that you are able to identify and determine the moments that you like to blog, the next question is what you are going to do about it. Check out the blog post title “Acting On Your Moments: Five ways to go from knowing your users’ moments to winning them” on Google Inside AdSense. The blog post introduces a fives easy simple steps which you can follow to build and write about the moments you identify. It should give you a lot of work and thinking to do.

Please be reminded this is one of the ways for publishers to connect with audiences effectively. Previous information and knowledge that you learned on how to pursuit for money making opportunities, generating traffic and creating high quality content still remain as important. Everything that you learn serves as a foundation for you to capture these moments effectively. Thus some of you who are just starting to pursuit for money making opportunities online and trying to build your first website might be having some difficulties or hard time consuming the information presented. Try not to force yourself. Just read through it like a normal story book. When you are ready, you will come back for the information again. This is not the only blog that you get to learn how to capture the moment.



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