What to do when your blog or site is taking a break

Once in a while your site or blog might need to go offline because of some technical issue or other reason. One of the reasons is that your blog or site is switching hosting services or need to move to a different server. Thus you might need to put up a sign that says “Site temporary down” Check out the blog post title “Closing down for a day” from Official Google Webmaster Central Blog. There are several options provided by this blog post so that site’s search presence isn’t affected if your site decided to take a break.

If your site is temporary down for just a short period of time say for example less than 24 hours, it should be fine even if you do not take any special action. But if your site or blog is down for more than a day, perhaps you need to put up a notice. Some readers might assume that your site might be shutting down permanently for good. If you do not handle the situation carefully, you might lose a great deal of readers overnight. Especially when you are transferring your site or blog to a new hosting service, accident might happen and you might need more than usual time to resolve things.



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