What kind of blogger are you?

Basically I think bloggers can be categories into 2 different types. The first type of blogger creates content base on his or her surroundings. In other words, the world of his or her blog is center at his or her universe. This type of blogger usually doesn’t look at situation from others opinion. Comments and responds from audiences will not be getting any attention because this type of blogger only focuses on expressing himself or herself. Blog is just a platform to let the person become the main actor of self-written script. This type of bloggers usually can only draw certain particular audiences. It won’t be a big crowd and it takes time to find it ways to the right audiences. The topic of this type of blogger usually is very specific and unique.

The second type of blogger creates content according to the responds or comments of the audiences. In other words, the blog is mainly created to draw the attention of readers. This type of blogger tends to interact with audiences a lot. Sometimes you may feel like having a conversation with the blogger when reading his or her blog post. The topic of this blog usually is general. Most of the time the content or discussion is mainly about the latest popular trendy hot topics in the news. This type of blog usually draws a lot of traffic very fast. It is also the most difficult way to blog because it requires constant attention and maintenance. Blogger has to stay alert in order to respond to his or readers as soon as possible. You will have to be passion and interested about blogging this way in order to keep up with the changes and updates.



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