What is Crawl Budget and how does it affect publishers?

I think this is the question many publishers are trying to figure out. If you are trying to find the answer to this question, check out the blog post title “What Crawl Budget means for Googlebot” from Official Google Webmaster Central Blog.

Honestly, I still have no idea what is Crawl Budget after reading the blog post above. The term crawl budget has not been explained in detail. The only thing explained is the term Googlebot. Although the blog post emphasize that it is nothing to worry about, but…

First, we’d like to emphasize that crawl budget, as described below, is not something most publishers have to worry about.

I think publishers are always worried when Google makes any update or changes. Publishers will pay attention even if Google makes a small movement such as moving a finger nail. It is a natural respond because any updates or changes made by Google affect our earnings.

It is fine if you still don’t understand what actually crawl budget is. But make sure that you check out the things that have negative affect on site crawling and indexing. You can check out the blog post above for the list which has links for further details. Below I’ll just show the list in brief.

  •     Faceted navigation and session identifiers
  •     On-site duplicate content
  •     Soft error pages
  •     Hacked pages
  •     Infinite spaces and proxies
  •     Low quality and spam content

I think most publishers already know what not to do to avoid being penalized by Google. Basically it is the general good practice to get a better ranking in Google search engine. Just continue the good work and you’ll be fine. Remember that site speed also plays a big role directly and indirectly. If you did not try anything special or strange on your blog or site, you shouldn’t be worry about it. But still you have to continue monitoring your blog or site, just in case…



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