What is bad ads and how Google fought bad ads in 2015?

I am more concern about the amount of money that publisher is able to make rather than worry about the good or bad of ads. As long as I’m able to make money, either good or bad ads are fine. At this point I never did think about the impact between good and bad ads. If we are planning to pursuit for money making opportunities online for a long term basis, bad ads can really kill your site instantly. Check out the blog post title “How we fought bad ads in 2015” from Google Inside AdWords.

If you site is fill with bad ads, the instant effect will be coming from visitors. Visitors will never return to your site and they might even report your site to Google or list your site as spam. Thus regardless of how good you are able to produce content for your blog or website, bad ads will kill it off instantly. If your site is not so interesting and lack good content to read, visitors still might return for a second look because there are no bad ads and it is safe to check it out. Remember that over time visitors tend to revisit a site just to see if there are any changes. Your site is bad now does not mean it won’t be good in future. Visitors are always expecting a change, either good or bad. So never give an impression that your site is dangerous to visit because of bad ads. You have to let visitors feel safe to come back any time.

This is one of the reasons why if you continue to build and improve your blog or site eventually you will gain traffic and start making money online. Of cause you will make some bad choices or decisions along the way, but still there is always a chance to make it right as long as you keep trying. Sometimes you just have to make some bad choices in order to figure out the right and best option.



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