What does it mean to focus on pursuing for money making opportunities online?

We are often advice by others to stay focus on the work we do. “Stay focus” Those are the words we often heard since we were young especially when we are in school. Honestly, I have no idea or clue on how to stay focus at all when I was young. I only know that I need to keep on doing my work and never stop. In other words I can be hard working but might not able to say focus.

So what does it means to stay focus? Take for example of pursuing for money making opportunities online. No doubt the main goal is to make money online. The question is how are you going to achieve that? In this case, the focus is to make money online successfully regardless of the things that you do. Let’s take for example if you are planning to pursuit for money making opportunities online via blogging. Some of the things that you can do are creating content, SEO, blog decoration and promoting your blog in social media online such as Facebook or Twitter. Part of an important task which we need to do is tuning and decorating our blog. Especially if you are making money online by placing Google AdSense on your blog and pages, your earning actually depends on how well you place those ads. The question is how much effort do you need to put in to maximize profit? When you place too much time, effort and money into decorating and tuning your blog, you are losing focus on trying to make money. This goes the same when you are putting too much effort on creating content. Remember that your main focus is to make money online. Everything is pointless if the good quality content which you put a lot of effort to produce is unable to generate income.

If money is your main focus in pursuing for money making opportunities online, you need to check and track the work that you have done and see if it contributes any changes or improvement in your earning. Sometimes it might take a bit longer to actually see the results and sometimes the effects are not directly link to the income generated. But you will have to monitor and check so that you can decide if the work, effort and money invested are actually helping in making money online. This is what we call stay focus.



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