What do you do with your old smartphone?

Smartphone is not design and built to last long. Currently the average usage of a smartphone is about 2 years. This is actually part of the business strategy to keep on asking money from smartphone users. Basically every smartphone users will be contributing few hundred dollars every year for a new smartphone. This is why a lot of companies are getting into smartphone business. Ironically it seems to become a trend of having the latest and newest smartphone within the community or a group of friends. Smartphone has become an icon to show the status of an individual. This is actually good news for companies which design and sell smartphone. From a different point of view, we witness an increase number of old smartphone or outdated smartphone waiting to dispose over the globe.

So what can we do with the old smartphone which is still functioning? If you think about it, smartphone is actually a mini version of computer. Anything which can be done over a computer can be done on a smartphone too. But of cause you will have to do some modification and adjustment. Couple of things I can think of is turning these old smartphone into IP webcam or a permanent GPS device in my car. It really saves a lot of money for getting these devices as they are not cheap. But the most interesting things that I’ve tried is rooting or hacking the smartphone. There are actually lots of interesting programs and application which you can try out after rooting or hacking the smartphone.

Currently I still have couple of old smartphone which I haven’t decided on what to do with them. I will probably think of something which related to money making opportunities online. Hopefully I can think of something interesting to try out. I’ll post it out once I figure it out.



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