We are no longer able to use the old Google AdSense user interface any more

Google AdSense has completed the transition of Google AdSense new user interface. Previously we are able to opt out of the new user interface and use the old interface, but this action has been terminated. Currently publishers are automatically taken to the new Google AdSense interface. Check out the blog post title “Meet the new AdSense user interface” from Inside AdSense. Honestly, do you actually like the new Google AdSense user interface?

Personally I do not see the necessary to change Google AdSense user interface. Publishers do not need a fresh new look and feel. Publishers do not need a great new homepage and a streamlined new menu. The only thing that every publisher wants is the number that shows an increase of Google AdSense revenue. This is the only thing that makes every publisher happy. Any other numbers, data and statistic are just distraction for publishers to focus on generating good quality content. Google AdSense should handle the complicated statistics so that publisher can focus on building their blog or website.

Although publishers do not need a new Google AdSense user interface, improvement is required. A good Google AdSense user interface should be simple and easy to understand. Publishers shouldn’t spend too much time on the user interface. A fancy complicated Google AdSense user interface is not helping publishers.



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