Ways to Build Wealth and Money Making Opportunities in 2011

It’s February but there are still articles like “9 Ways to Build Wealth in 2011” arises. Although it is still consider early to implement the tips and guides, but we already miss out couple on month in this year. Well, building wealth and pursuing money making opportunities are never late as long as you start now instead of wait until tomorrow. Below are 9 ways to build wealth presented in the article.

  1. Funnel That FICA Cut Into a Retirement Windfall
  2. Look For Low-Cost Mutual Funds and Watch Those Fees
  3. No Shortcuts: Year After Year of Consistent Savings
  4. Get Rid of High-Interest Card Debt
  5. Buy a Home
  6. Balanced, Diversified Portfolio Plus Education
  7. If You Have an HSA, Max it Out
  8. Do Your Due Diligence
  9. Start Your Own Side Business

Although some of the ways introduced are only suitable and applicable in US, but still there are some ways which can be use worldwide. Actually some of the ways are basically common sense. Take for examples like consistent savings, eliminate high interest card debt, buy a home and start own side business are actually simple steps which most of us are trying to do. I suppose most of us know that we should be practicing these methods but the problem is not all of us actually doing it. Knowing but not doing it is just the same as not knowing. If you think 9 ways is just too many for you to handle, than pick just one way and do it. Once you’ve done it, move on to another way. Keep on repeating it until you complete all 9 ways. You don’t have to do it all at once. You just have to do one way at a time. The important thing is that you’re making progress.




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3 Responses to “Ways to Build Wealth and Money Making Opportunities in 2011”

  1. Jason says:

    Good steps for wealth building during 2011, I agree with all points, especially regarding credit cards and starting online business.

  2. Career Singapore says:

    Actually we have all become too dependent on credit cards, especially with all the perks and discounts. As such, it takes a real expert to keep track on our $$$ and spending.

    You need to be more mindful of your spending, clear all bills immediately to avoid rolling of interest, and spend WITHIN your limits!

  3. shopping says:

    This is pretty basic info, but people need to control their spending, unlike our government agencies who just continue to spend out of control.