Watch the news if you have no idea what to blog

One of the ways to find ideas or topics to blog is by watching the news. At the beginning I was a bit skeptic about the suggestion because it is actually kind of boring to watch the news. Later I realized that the topics shown or discussed in the news are commonly known by people. If you included some content which is related to the topic mention in the news, people will pay attention because they have some ideas about the things you are trying to say. Some of your readers might also have something to say about the content mention in the news. They just don’t have a place to voice out their opinion or people who share the same thoughts as they are. They will be interested in your blog or website if you are able to provide such platform for sharing. If you are planning to do this, you have to monitor and control the content uploaded to your blog or site. This includes the comments written by your readers. You have to make sure the content written stays on the topic of your blog or website. You have to put in extra effort and time because it is kind of difficult to control how people interact and voice out their opinion. But it is also very rewarding because the topics are always trendy.



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