Watch and Learn The Actions taken by Facebook to Pull Shares back to $38

Facebook’s shares are at $26.36 as I’m writing this blog post. I am still monitoring Facebook’s shares since the IPO. Although I’m not a stock market person, it is still very interesting to see the changes of Facebook’s shares. Perhaps it is because this is the first social media site that goes public. As a publisher and a blogger, I just like to see how Facebook did in stock market. Apparently Facebook is still not doing very good as the price of the share drops from $38 to $26.26. And hopefully the price of the share will stop dropping and begin to bounce back after this.

Given the current price of Facebook’s shares, actions are required in order to stop the shares from continue dropping and hopefully pull the price back up. If you are a Facebook user, you might witness some changes. You can see there is an ads section under Pages and ads. It is place alongside with the Facebook pages where users created. I guess Facebook is trying to make it easy for Facebook page owners to use their ads section for advertising. I even receive an email from Facebook on tips and guides to reach more people who like my page.

This is just couple of changes which I notice. I’m sure Facebook already under goes lots of changes to justify the share price of $38. Or perhaps Facebook should have set the IPO price for $25 instead of $38. Check out the blog post title “Facebook Takes Another Hit: Users Spend Less Time on Site, Ads Don’t Lead to Sales” from Yahoo Finance. Just how much should Facebook’s share really worth?

P/S: Facebook will definitely carry out lots of changes to pump their shares up. Watch closely as this might just be an interesting study case to learn.



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