Video previews are good on mobile devices only if

No doubt video previews are good because it enables users to check out the content of the video briefly before jumping into it. But if the video previews are going to be on mobile phone, you might need to be careful because there is a big problem concerning this feature. Especially if you are using mobile data plan which charges by the volume of data consume, you might get a shock at the end of month when getting your mobile phone bill. Yes, the video previews feature consumes a large amount of data. Whenever you are doing a search online using your mobile phone, video previews will be shown alongside with the search results. So each time you are doing a search online, certain amount of video previews will be shown according to the category of words you are searching. You can imagine the amount of data consume if you are constantly searching for information and materials using your mobile phone. This is probably the reason why video previews only play when you are on wifi connection by default. Check out the blog post title “Video previews help you find what you are looking for even faster” from Google blog.

Video preview is just one of the features which consume a lot of data. Google ads too have a lot of hidden features which consume a lot of data too. So when you are amaze and enjoying the sudden appear ads on your mobile phone, remember that you are getting charge for the huge amount of data consumed.



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