Using the power of crowds to help improve Google Publishing Solution

One of the best ways to improve services and products is to ask your customers directly. This is the simplest and straight forward method which almost every businesses use. Thus surveys are always conducted in order to gain as much info as possible from customers. This goes the same when it comes to Google Publishing Solutions. Check out the blog post title “Help Google Publishing Solutions improve its services and products” from Google Inside AdSense.

If you hope to receive survey email from Google, be sure to update your contact details. Make sure that your email preference is set to receive ‘occasional survey’ messages. I am actually not a survey person. Even if the survey is very short and won’t take more than 2 minutes to complete, I am still lazy to do it. Especially if there are millions of people taking up the survey, I will be wondering if my survey really that matters. Perhaps maybe there is no reward given for taking the survey. Thus it lacks a motivation to take the survey. Google should rewards those who take up the survey seriously. It shouldn’t be a problem for Google as they are one of the richest companies in the world.



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