Use your smartphone wisely and blog wherever you go

Thanks to the invention of smartphone, we don’t have to carry a big size computer around to blog. Although we have the option of using notepad, smartphone is still the best due to the small convenient size. We don’t have to stay at home in front of our computer to produce a blog post. All we need is a smartphone which is able to go online to produce our blog post and post it up instantly. It is also healthy to bring your blogging activity outdoor too. Your smartphone also has the ability to make your blogging a lot more fun and entertaining. You can take photos and videos using your smartphone and post it on your blog. There are also a lot of mobile apps available which can help edit the photos and videos taken. Smartphone is not just a gadget to write blog post, it is also a great tool to produce your blogging material such as photos and videos. By the way, you can also use your smartphone to record and produce podcast for your blog. If you are planning to go live streaming online, your smartphone too can serve this purpose. Basically you can do all the above using your smartphone. But you will have to research and find a better performance smartphone in order to produce good quality outcome. You might also need extra battery pack and connection cables to get the job done. As the technology is getting advance, soon we don’t have to type our blog post. We can produce our blog post simply by speaking directly to our smartphone. That means words and sentences can be written automatically by voice. We don’t have to type or tap any more. There are a lot of interesting inventions surrounding smartphone which you can try out to help produce your blog post. Blogging can be really fun and interesting if you make it so.



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