Use snail mail for your online business

Email might be the trend for running an online business, but snail mail still works perfectly if you know to make full use of it. Although we are getting used to email while pursuing for money making opportunities online, we can still make use of snail mails to gather traffic and customers locally. Especially if you are trying to give out coupon, brochures, sample products or etc., snail mails can actually make customers feel happy because they actually getting something physical. I suppose the feeling is just the same when you are receiving packages from Amazon. Even if you are not giving out anything special for your customers or readers, a simple holiday season or Christmas greeting card can make your customers or readers feel warm and surprise. It is definitely better to receive a physical hand written greeting card from snail mail compare to an animated greeting email. I suppose snail mail greeting card has become a rare phenomenon and thus makes it special.

It is definitely costly, troublesome and time consuming to handle snail mail. But it is definitely worth the effort and investment because customers will felt important. You are basically telling customers that you are willing to do the extra effort and go through the trouble for their sake. This is actually one way to show or prove your sincerity in running business.



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