Use picture or graphic if you want others to understand faster

Regardless of how good your English language is, it is difficult to make everybody understand what you are trying to say. You have to choose the simplest words which commonly use and able to describe and explain your thoughts. When you reach a point which no words can best describe your mind, it will be better to just draw it out and let the pictures do the talking. Especially if you are targeting mobile readers, pictures or photos are always the best. These audiences usually don’t have much patient to read through thousands of words just to find out what you are trying to say. It is also difficult to read from the small screen of smartphone. A simple picture or photo makes life easier for both sides.

Unfortunately we can’t use photos or pictures every time for our blog posts. There are things which are best described using words. Especially things which require imagination, the right words can always create a perfect picture in a person mind. Thus when your blog is selling dreams, no pictures or photos can ever produce the best dream. The best dream can only be craft using the right suitable words.



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