Use ad customizers to reach customers for 2014 yearend sales

It is only few days away from 2014 yearend holiday. A lot of people are preparing Christmas gift and presents for the holiday season. That means many people are going online either desktop or mobile to search for the right products or services as gift. Some of them will be purchasing online and have their gifts or presents sent it directly to their home. If you are pursuing for money making opportunities online, don’t miss this opportunity. And if you are planning to target customers using Google AdWords, check out “Use ad customizers to gear up for your holiday promotions” from Google Inside AdWords.

Remember that there is no doubt a lot of customers are now search and hoping to find a gift or present for the holiday season. The question right now is that are you able to present your product or service to them so that they can have a look and decide to purchase or not. Let’s say out of 100 customers only 2 will buy your product or service. That’s 2%. So if you plan to generate 200 sales. That means you need to reach out 10000 customers online. Do the math if you are planning to use Google AdWords. But you need to make sure that you are earning enough to cover the money you spend on advertising.



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