Understanding Your Readers or Customers Online

When we are trying to create and run an online business, it is necessary to study and research the potential online customers. The basic concept is similar with offline business, just that we have to make use of the online platform to approach and get to know our customers. We have to study the behavior and characteristics of online customers in order to make our online business a success. Check out the blog post title “Thoughts on Decoding the Digital Consumer” from Google Small Business Blog as it provides some tips for understanding and engaging online customers.

  • Research you company. You just have to place your position as an online customer and research your company online. You may find some reviews in terms of blog posts or videos regarding your company.
  • Go local. Receive monthly email using Google Places with insights on how customers are interacting with your page.
  • Talk to you customers. Feedbacks and interaction can be done through Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Emails and other online social network. Make use of every online portal to get in touch with customers online.
  • Measure your efforts. Google Analytics is the best free tool to keep track of your traffic. You can check geographic location of your customers and other information regarding the action of your customers.

There are lots of online tools available which we can use to study and learn more about our customers online. The more we know about our customers, the better we serve them. No doubt customer service still plays a very important role in making an online business a success.




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2 Responses to “Understanding Your Readers or Customers Online”

  1. Katie says:

    This is one of the most important aspects of successful business. To understand customers and markets, requires time and a lot of analysis.

  2. Eddie says:

    Yes Katie, these 4 points, are almost everything that you should know before and after you decide to start a successful business. To understand your customers is not hard! You only have to think like you are the customer, and then you’ll know what to offer.