Understanding the effect of online exposure towards offline business

A lot of offline business owners do not understand the impact or effectiveness of online exposure. They just couldn’t see how getting their business online will bring more customers to their shop. Many offline business owners have a misunderstanding concept of getting their business online means getting customers to buy products without visiting their shop. It is more towards the idea of creating an e commerce website. This gives offline business owners second thought because they don’t think they can compete with big online company unless they invest a lot of money into creating an awesome website. And with little knowledge about the things online, offline business owners tend to hold back even if they knew they are missing a lot of money making opportunities.

Whenever I try to introduce the concept of bring businesses online, couple of thing small business owners tend to tell me before I even started. “I do not have the money to bring my business online.” And “I don’t think getting my business online will help increase revenue.” This is the first obstacle which I need to deal with before getting these small business owners to say yes in getting their business online. The first part usually requires a lot of educating, explanation and convincing. The next step is to start off by applying all the free tools and features such as Google My Business, Facebook page, YouTube Video, blog and website. Small business owners usually will go for it if you help them setup things for free. Once everything setup nicely, next is to wait and see the effects. The best way to convince them is to show them directly how effective it is to bring new customers to their business. By the way, you need to tell small business owners to ask their new customers how they find out about their business. Small business owners need to hear it themselves in order to convince that it is working.

It takes time to convince small business owners about the effectiveness of bring their business online. Check out the blog post title “New Study: The Impact of Digital on In-Store Shopping” from Google Inside AdWords. The analysis presented shows going online helps to bring more customers to shop. People still likes to visit the shop personally even if they have the option to purchase products directly online.



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