Types of blog post bloggers tend to write

I find that blogging is fun because we are able to write whatever we like in any way we feel comfortable. But if you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online via blogging, it might not always be as fun as you think. Especially when you are running out of ideas on what to write or blog, it can be tense and frustrating. This usually happens after blogging for several years. I did mention above that we can write whatever we like in any way we feel comfortable. But as time goes by, we tend to stick at particular blogging style and topic. I suppose this is the reason why some bloggers run of ideas to write. The scope to write or blog has become narrow without realizing it.

When you are running out of ideas to blog, try dividing it into several blogging styles. This method helps you to generate several blog posts with similar blog content. Consider this as a way to present your content in several different styles. The first blogging style is the usual way that you have been practicing. You present an idea or a topic. You further explain the topic and include your own opinion. The number of word counts usually is enough to serve as one blog post. The second blogging style or your next blog post, you can still blog about the same topic but you can approach it in numbers or statistic. For this type of blogging style you need to do some research in order to collect enough data to construct your post. You may refer to website which focuses on polls and collecting data. One of the simplest ways or examples is to make a top 10 list. Until this point you should be very familiar with the topic because you already wrote 2 blog posts about it. This brings us the third blogging style which is the infographic. Compile all the information, numbers, data and statistic that you have gather and create an infographic. One big picture of infographic can serve as a blog post which explains easily by just a glance. Finally the fourth style of blog post with the same topic is to gather the opinions or thoughts of other people or experts. The blog post will be much more interesting if you are able to interview a well-known or popular person. If you don’t have such connection, a compilation of opinion or thoughts from your Facebook friends is good enough.

You may combine all 4 types of blog post and make it into one long blog post. It is up to you. But if you are practicing one blog post daily, it will be best to make it 4 blog posts instead of one.



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