Twitter Mobile Ads Begins and Revenue Follows

Right after Facebook starts making a move into mobile ads, Twitter too launched their version of mobile ads. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is taking one step at a time. I suppose this is because Twitter is not required to submit revenue report to stock holders or investors. Twitter can take the time to do the study and research before launching their mobile ads. As a result the site is showing early sings of success for selling advertising on mobile devices. Check out the blog post title “Twitter’s Mobile Ads Begin to Click” from The Wall Street Journal Technology. According to the blog post, Twitter seems to generating majority revenue from ads shown on mobile gadgets.

Twitter takes their steps carefully and cautions. Although twitter is enjoying success in each and every steps they take, the question of how long the social media site can maintain on top of the game remains. Unlike Twitter, Facebook is currently trying hard to make as much money as possible while they are still in the top position among social media sites. As history shows that social media sites are like a trend which people eventually will move on to the latest and coolest social media sites, it is just a matter of time a new social media site will start gaining popularity. Some of the social media sites which used to be popular and famous are MySpace and Friendster. I’m sure Facebook and Twitter will try very hard not to join the group.

As for Twitter, I think the site needs to speed up things and try to reach the top as soon as possible. Once the site reaches the peak, evolution is required. The social media site has to evolve, upgrade and improve in order to stay on the trend. I suppose this is the only way to stay on the game. As for users, I’m sure the site will try to repay us for being loyal. But this will only happens once they understand that users are the reason for their success. And they will do anything to prevent users from crossing over to new social media sites or their competitors.



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