Troubleshooting Tips on Google Adsense

Google currently is releasing troubleshooting tips regarding Google Adsense. There are 4 tips right now and more to come. The 4 tips are Ads control and filtering, Performance reports and earning, Ad relevance and targeting, and finally implementing your ad code. If you’re new to Google Adsense, perhaps these tips are good for your learning. If you’re already using Google Adsense for a long time, than consider this as a revise just in case you miss out something. Either way, it’s good that we just have a look. Besides it won’t take more than few minutes to go through it.

The main reason that I bring this up is that how many of us or publisher really uses all the tools given by Google Adsense? If a publisher seriously taking into consideration on apply ads control, ads filtering, reading ads performance reports, ads targeting and ads code implementing, how much time is needed on doing all these? Does it really worth the time on doing it? I’m very sure that all these work is not a onetime process but a nonstop continues work from time to time. I can understand that we might need to do some study and adjustment when we have huge traffic but low Google Adsense earning, but making it a daily work on maximizing earning on Google Adsense is just not worth it. Besides, publisher should focus on the content, not working on Google Adsense.

I said it before and I’m going to say it again. Please take all these work from publisher and let publisher focus on the content. Google should consider reducing all the tools. The only thing publisher concern is the earning, not the report, analysis or tools. I’m sure publisher can produce more and better content if Google Adsense is a simple thing. When publisher are able to focus on producing good quality content, benefits are equality share for both publisher and Google Adsense. Unless things are not what I think it is. Anybody can explain why publisher has to do so much work on Google Adsense?



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One Response to “Troubleshooting Tips on Google Adsense”

  1. Lessie S. Neal says:

    This really makes sense. I find some of the implementation process so waste of time and is badly needed of revision. However, as you have said the problem lies when Google Adsense starts earning low, that is major consideration so whatever it’s needed to earn for it is simply being done, making it complicated…