Trending keywords in 2016 that might be money making opportunities

It is almost the end of 2016. Each year in December we take a look at trendy Google search keywords which we might have miss. In other words, top keywords search which we fail to take advantage of. These are the keywords which might bring in a lot of traffic if you are able to produce the right content. Of cause the blog post or content you write have to match your blog or site topic. So you have to be creative when writing.

The first trendy keyword we see is Pokemon Go. There is no doubt it is going to the hottest topic this year when Niantic announced the release of the popular mobile game Pokemon Go. Judging by the Pokemon fans around the world, we already anticipate the number of downloads to be huge. This hasn’t included the number of new players who anxiously trying out Pokemon game the first time. Until today we continue to see lots of Pokemon Go related blog post, articles, video clips and images produce by Pokemon Go fans around the world. The keyword “Pokemon Go” probably might continue to stay on top of search list for 2017 too.

The second trendy keyword we have is iPhone 7. Although we did not have much surprise from Apple latest smartphone, iPhone fans from around the word continue to support their favorite mobile gadget. Unless Apple does something to upset or disappoint the fans, the popularity will continue on for some time. If you are smart, it is probably a good idea to invest or work on keywords like iPhone 8, iPhone 9 or iPhone 10. These are the products Apple will be launching for the next 5 years. So if you prepared your blog or site enough before these products launching, you should be able to gather a lot of traffic.

The first two keywords should be easy to make use and make money online. But the third keyword might be a bit difficult because it involves politic. Yes, the keyword or name “Donald Trump”. He is now formally the US president. Donald Trump makes history to become the first president with no political or military experience. If you watch the news or video clips from YouTube, you’ll probably be surprise by how popular Donald Trump becomes. A lot of people did not expect Donald Trump to become the president of united stated and yet he successfully blew up the minds of millions of people.

There is a story behind each trendy keyword. I’ll leave the rest of the keywords for you guys to research and find out. Some of the keywords might still be trendy and popular. Make use of the keywords if you find some of the keywords related or match your blog topic. It is never too late as you will never know when people stop discussing or Google about it.



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