Tracking Status When Pursuing Money Making Opportunities

In my journey of pursuing money making opportunities, monitoring my progress and results is an important step. I need to know at least my actions, experiments and steps will give positive results or not. From the results and the statistics I then can judge and decide my next action to make my money making opportunities blog better. Either it’s the figure of money, clicks, traffic, visitors, impressions, ranking, bounce, links or any other blog status information can be very helpful. At Google Adsense, they call the process of tracking clicks, impressions and earnings the “stats pipeline”. There is a fact mention in an article Adsense Facts & Fiction Part 3: The stats pipeline, which states that although there can sometimes be delays in the stats pipeline, all data is till tracked accurately. I’m just curious about this. For start how can we know for sure that the data recorded is real and accurate? I understand that delays occurred sometimes because of maintenance or updates are being carried out. We also know that Google Adsense always inform us regarding any down times and delays that might occurs when there is an issue. It will be better to just provide us a method to confirm which enable us to check ourselves instead of trying to convince us with just words. For example maybe a window that we can click on few buttons and later receives the statistics data of our action. That will be very convincing to check the accuracy and delays of the tracking system.

No doubt monitoring the results and checking up the status is important. But still I think of it as things that I’ll do after I finish working on the content and driving traffic. Yes, no matter what we still have to go back to the two basic elements which is content and traffic. Reports and status is just like a guidance to keep you on track of what you’re pursuing. As long as the data is tracked accurately, it doesn’t matter if it’s just a few hours late or delay. Besides we cannot rely too much on the data as we might lose ourselves writing for the data but instead we should be writing for our readers. Data, results and status is for reference.



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  1. Alex Cooper says:

    This is great info. Doing the wrong thing for to long can wait both time and money.