Tops Bloggers too did not rely on one single source of income

In order to become good or better in a particular field, it is very important that we focus on one single area and become an expert in it. But when it comes to business, it is very risky and dangerous to be good and expert in just one particular field. That is almost the same as having only one single source of income. Remember that nothing is forever and things are always changing and evolving. This includes trying to make money blogging.

In my previous blog post my advice for new beginner bloggers who try to make money online is to work on few other earning methods simultaneously instead of just relying on selling ads only. My reason back then was because it is almost impossible for new bloggers to make enough money just by selling ads to survive. In this blog post another reason to have multiple source of income online is to make sure that bloggers can survive the changes online. We all know that Google always updating and changing their search engine algorithm. Today your blog or website can be at the top list of first page search result but there is no guarantee it will remains at the usual rank tomorrow. In worst case scenario your blog or website might just drop out from couple of first few pages of search result. Thus it is very dangerous for bloggers to just relying on one single income generate from Google search engine or Google Adsense. It is very important that we do not pull all our eggs into one basket. Diversified our blogging income is the way to survive and the right way to build an income online.

Don’t just take my word for it. Do a research online and google about it. You will find lots of top bloggers who makes a lot of money online are practicing it. Take for example ProBlogger Darren Rowse. He too diversified his online income. Check out his blog post title “How I Diversified My Blogging Income Beyond Having All My Eggs in the AdSense Basket” and read about his experience.



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