Top 5 Money Making opportunities Businesses to Start for Under $20000

The top 5 businesses listed in the video form Yahoo Finance are:

  • Pet Services
  • Web-Based Business
  • Franchises
  • Senior Care Business
  • Smart Phone Applications

If you’re currently working on one of the field listed above, then you’re probably on the right track of making a success on starting a business. All the above businesses are potential money making opportunities because of the increase in demand. You don’t have to be the best to make lots of money but starting one of the above businesses is enough to make a good living. That is base on the current trend and potential demand from the market. You still have to do the basic things like having the right attitude, motivated, hard working and professional in dealing with customers.

I think Pet Services really is the number one business that many of us can start out easily. Of cause you have to love animals to begin with. One person business, flexible working hours, good paid, minimum cost, enjoyable job, minimum education and skills, it’s no doubt the best business. Basically you just have to love animal and learn the knowledge of taking care of pets. How hard can that be?

I’m not really into Web-Based Business but being a blogger is a start. Eventually I’ll move into Web-Based Business as that’s part of my plan. I choose this field because of low budget and able to stay at home doing all the work. I’m just choosing the kind of life I want and adjusting my work or career to fit in. I saw lots of my friends choose career and making their life to suit the job. Eventually not many of them are happy about it. Although I might not making as much money yet, but I’m living a life that I want, and I’m happy about it.

I thought about Franchises before but the money making opportunities does not seem promising. It depends very much on the location of the business. Plus it’s a lot of work, management, time and money involved. It’s just not suitable for me.

I actually thought about starting out a Senior Care Business. Well, this plan is on my list but I’m not doing it for the money. I just think that society needs it and I wanted to provide help. It is true Senior Care Business is a big business as people started to live longer. Judging from the increase of world population, we definitely have lots of old people to take care of. I just hope that someday I might earn enough money to start this business.

If you’re able to design or even have ideas of a Smartphone application, you’ll defiantly catch the money making opportunities. One Smartphone application that catches the intention of users is enough to make you a lot of money. You don’t have to be a Smartphone application designer to get into this field. If you have a good idea or concept about a Smartphone application, you can sell your idea or get funded to create the application. There are lots of Smartphone applications Design Companies that are willing to pay a high price for a good idea.

P/S: Starting own business is not difficult if you love the work or it is related to your interest.



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One Response to “Top 5 Money Making opportunities Businesses to Start for Under $20000”

  1. Design Chester says:

    I recently started a web based business for around about £500. The cost was for my server and insurance. Luckily there is a business start up fund provided by the government so it initially didn’t cost me anything. Best thing I have ever done. I would advise anyone thinking about starting their own company to just do it.