Too Much SEO might not help your Blog Make Money Online

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is performed to make a blog or site rank better in search results. That is the purpose and function of doing SEO. But if you are not careful, your site might end up at the opposite result. So if you going to perform SEO by yourself make sure that you know what you are doing. Lately Google has updated their search algorithm which specifically targeted on sites with excessive SEO or sites which loaded with over concentrated keywords. These sites will be consider as spam and will be penalize. The result is drop of page rank or index remove. Check out the blog post title “Any SEO could damage your site as a spam site” from ZDnet. It explains on how Google will react on spam site.

So is it better off we don’t apply any SEO on our site at all? Well, it is still an advantage to study SEO and how Google ranks site. We don’t have to apply SEO intentionally but at least when we create our content, we can write in such a way that search engine is able to recognize and capture our site easily. Although we should be writing for audiences instead of search engine, it is a bad idea to ignore search engine completely. Remember that search engine plays a big role in introducing our site to lots of new readers and audiences. Consider that search engine is the bridge that connects our site with readers. We still have to make sure that the bridge is in good shape and wide enough for lots of people to cross by.



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