To Do or Not To Do About Selling Links

Selling links online is one of the most popular money making opportunities online that many bloggers practice. If your blog or website gains lots of traffic daily, each link can be sold more than hundred dollars every month. But please do remind that selling links online is against Google’s quality guidelines. Those who violate the guidelines can be punished by receiving lower ranking in Google’s search results. In other words, you won’t be getting much traffic from Google search engine. Google has been saying and keep on reminding bloggers on this issue for a long time but people still taking risk just for the sake of few hundred dollars. Check out the blog post title “A reminder about selling links that pass PageRank” from Official Google Webmaster Central Blog.

If you are approach by others with an attractive offer for placing links on your website or blog, you may try to propose an alternative solution by placing no follow attribute on the paid links. Paid links that do not pass PageRank are acceptable by Google. You just have to make sure that any paid hyperlinks have the rel=”nofollow” attribute.

Unfortunately no follow paid link is not as valuable as paid link that passes PageRank. The attractive offer proposed might just reduce into half just because of no follow. But still it is better off than taking the risk of having Google stop sending traffic. Besides it is the high PageRank and traffic that makes our blog or website valuable.

There is only one way or condition that allows us to sell links that passes PageRank. When our blog or website does not depend on Google search engine to gather traffic or readers, perhaps we may do so. But still when Google strip the PageRank off our blog or website, there won’t be any PageRank to pass or sell. Even if our blog or website still manage to pull in lots of traffic and visitors daily, a site without PageRank is not so valuable.

As a conclusion, selling links that passes PageRank is still not a good idea. Although no follow paid links might not worth a lot, but still people are willing to pay for that extra exposure. In a long term basis, accepting no follow paid links still makes money.



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