Tips or Rules to Integrate Google Adsense Ads with Quality Content

Check out the video clip created by Google Adsense to help pursuit for money making opportunities online. Although it is just a short video clip of one minute and forty-four seconds, it clearly shows how publisher should place the ads unit and maximize earning. It is definitely better than reading those boring guides and rules. Best of all the video helps avoid lots of misunderstanding. Especially for international publisher whose English is not their first language, the video clip helps make things clear and easy to understand. Check out the blog post title “Watch our video to learn how to integrate Adsense ads with your quality content” from Google Inside Adsense Blog.

It seems to me that the video clip looks more like rules instead of tips to place Google Adsense ads units. If publishers do not follow the rules explain in the video, earnings will drop. That is the big impact publishers will get. But the question is how will the earnings drop? With the new updates of Google search algorithm, your search results ranking will drop if you place too many ads unit. And if you are using the free blog hosting service like Blogger, Google will delete your blog if it is created mainly just to make money from Google Adsense. So when it comes to make money online using Google Adsense, there is couple of things which publisher must keep in mind. Publisher must follow the rules and regulations exactly. And never try to manipulate or smart playing Google in any way. That is if you still prefer to make money with Google Adsense.

P/S: Unless your blog or website has alternative source of income which is better than Google Adsense, it will be better to just play safe.



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