Tips on How I get inspiration for money making opportunities content

As we all know content and traffic are the two basic things we need to make money blogging. It can be considered a simple money making opportunities because basically you just have to write a lot and introduce your blog to many people. Unfortunately simple can become challenging if many people are doing the same thing. Plus you have to do it consistently for a long time before you see the results. Even if you choose a topic that you’re interested, it is still difficult and challenging to maintain a post per day for years. The question that most bloggers always have in mind is where to get new content or ideas to write. In this post I like to share with you how I get my ideas or inspiration on what to write for this Money Making Opportunities Blog.

Visit blogs with similar topic
It is good to visit other blogs with similar topics. You might not copy their content but you might have a different opinion towards the same subject. Instead of just writing comment, you can write a new post about the subject and elaborate it in details. One thing you can do is provide a simple comment and refer back to your own blog post for more information. This way you can get a link back and a blog topic to write about. Sometimes I choose to write about post from Google Inside Adsense Blog and Google Small Business Blog because the information is related to money making opportunities.

Search in YouTube
As the speed of internet increases and technology makes it easy for people to create videos, some people choose to create videos rather than blogging. In other words you get to choose to listen and watch instead of just read. Just do a simple search on YouTube on any topic and you’ll find lots of lectures, seminars and presentations from professionals to individuals. You can pick those videos related to your blog title and embed it to your blog. Include the post with couple of your opinions and you have yourselves a unique blog post.

Find interesting topics with StumbleUpon
The thing that I like about StumbleUpon is that I get to find lots of interesting information or website easily. I don’t have to blindly search online for interesting content to write about as it takes a lot of time to filter out the good stuff. StumbleUpon brings the best of websites, videos and images to you from recommendation from Stumble members.

Writing and producing Good content is a work of art. A good topic or idea is useless if you’re unable to elaborate and explain it well enough to make your viewers understand. It needs lots of consistent practice, learning and improving. You might not be a very good writer today but if you keep on writing for more than a year, you’ll improve. Just check back those blog posts that you wrote a year before and you’ll realize instantly. By the way you’ll also notice that inspiration comes easily after 1 year of writing consistently. Eventually you’ll reach a level where content is easily produced in less than couple of hours. As content is king when it comes to money making opportunities by blogging, it won’t be long when you can see money coming in.



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2 Responses to “Tips on How I get inspiration for money making opportunities content”

  1. Dave says:

    Great tips, I have never thought to use youtube and stumbleupon before to get inspiration. Right now I feel a bit down and my inspiration and creativity are very low. This article comes very useful for me.

  2. Nice tips…Using you tube for blogging is new to me. I had embedded some videos in my blog but never from you tube. But now will definitely try this. Thanks for the useful suggestions.