Tips from Google to Boost your Business during Slowdown with the help of Google Analytics

Google is giving out a five week educational series about speeding up your business in a slowdown. I think this is good given the condition of the economic right now, a boost is what we all needed. Basically the tips given will be more on the basics of online publishing, Google AdSense and Google Analytics. It’s more like how you improve your online earning using the combination of these 3 elements. If you check out the Google AdSense post on “Speeding up: the basic and Analytics”, you’ll be able to watch a video clip by Avinash Kaushik – Google’s own Analytics Evangelist explaining the 3 things that you can do with Google Analytics.

  1. Discover what content and traffic sources keep people coming to your site again and again.
  2. Figure out which pages to improve on your site.
  3. Find out where AdSense performs best on your site.

In order to do all the above, you need to link Google AdSense and Analytics accounts.

It’s actually good that Google is providing this free tool for bloggers and website owners. If you construct your blog or website using Google AdSense as your main income, the combination of AdSense and Analytics can be very helpful in providing the details of traffic and visitors activities. This data can give you an idea on what you should improve and the effects of changes you made. In fact this data is benefits for both website owners and Google AdSense. A successful high traffic blog or website that carries lots of AdSense clicks is good news for both the owner and Google. As we are able to track down which Ads is most frequently click at and where the traffic comes from, it should be easy to see a click pattern. This can tell us when our blogs receive the highest clicks. Thus we can adjust out post release right before that peak hour to get the best results.

One thing that I’m really concern about this tool is that how do we confirm the data shown is correct. I would suggest that Google introduce or teach us a way to let us do some self confirmation. We must at least know that we are on the right track before trusting the data and start changing our site. No matter how careful we are, we still make mistakes. I just worry that the mistakes that we done might end up analyzing other people’s blog. Now that I really have to know and make clear before I start changing things on my blog. I suppose helping us blogger checking our own mistakes consider as part of the customer service for Google.



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5 Responses to “Tips from Google to Boost your Business during Slowdown with the help of Google Analytics”

  1. TryBPO says:

    I think this is particularly useful for small businesses and bloggers that are looking to increase their conversion rates. It’s a good way for Google to ensure their customers are receiving maximum value and viewing AdSense as a must-have revenue tool as well.

  2. David says:

    I think that Google gives a real chance to those who want to learn! In my opinion a very good idea!

  3. Kumo says:

    We learn from Google and Google learn from us. Google may have created the tools, but the data sure is benefits for both party.

  4. Tai Slim says:

    I was driving traffic to my site this way but this post has filled some gaps in my knowledge and the way I use GA. Thank you Kumo

  5. Kumo says:

    There is always something new to discover or learn. The search of knowledge is a never ending work.