Tips from Google to Boost your Business during Slowdown with the help of Google Analytics 5th

This is the 5th and final Google education series as Christian Ashlock, Adsense Optimization team manager will be sharing his tips on Speeding up: Attracting more advertiser spend.

Tip no.1 – Define ad placements in Adsense so that Adwords advertisers can find them and bid directly for them. Honestly what I’m getting from this tip is basically you need to place your Ads properly in several locations. I think you might understand this better if you ever use Adwords. There is a section in Adwords where by advertisers able to choose specifically the location of the ads in a particular blog, forum or website.  So if you place more ads in your blog, you basically increase the chances of getting ads. Take for example if you place your ads on top, bottom, side and within an article, you might get advertisers that are looking to place their ads from all 4 sections. Some advertisers might just choose specifically the top side of the blog for their ads. If you have that location custom and prepared for them, then you’ll get the ads.

Tip no.2 – Help advertisers find your inventory outside of Adwords. In order to let advertisers understand better the performance of your blog, it is suggested that bloggers should try out Google Ad Planner. It seems like Google Ad Planner might help to expose your blogs to potential advertisers that might be interested in placing ads on your blogs. I’m not so sure about this. First of all, how many advertisers really use this tool to check out blogs or site? I suppose for this I need to try out the tool myself as an advertiser to really understand it. One thing for sure, this is actually a way to promote your blog.

Tip no.3 – Tap into a new set of advertisers: search advertisers. This is basically suggested that we should place Adsense for search in our blog. Giving our visitors a chance to search for related stuff and Google to displayed targeted ads base on our blog. It’s just another option to add up to your earnings.

There is nothing new about the tips given as most of us are actually doing it even thought we might not understand the reason behind. Perhaps what we are looking for is basically a more simple and easy way. As we place most of our energy towards producing good content and driving traffic, we merely have time for complicated tools and data research.



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