Tips from Google to Boost your Business during Slowdown with the help of Google Analytics 4th

In the 4th part of Google education series, Adsense Optimization Specialists Mel Ann and Tim form Google Office Sydney will be sharing their 5 steps process to optimize the Adsense ads on your site. You may find the article Speeding up: Increasing your revenue potential at Inside Adsense.

Tip no.1 – Analyze your webpages. I suppose all of us tent to make money with our blog do analyze our blogs always. But in the tips given, we are advised to analyze it from 3 different points of view. First is analyzing it from the visitors or readers point of view. Think as if you’re visiting your own blog as a reader. Second is analyzing it from advertiser point of view. Again, place yourself in advertiser position and analyzed your own blog. Finally you have to analyze your blog from your own point of view. The key is to find balance between the 3 analyzed results and choose the best modification.

Tip no.2 – Set up customer channel. This method can help gather info on how your ads perform. Honestly it’s difficult to tell which ads units are better from the data as there are too many variables to consider, plus you have to gather a lot of info in order to see it. It’s better to concentrate on getting more traffic and writing better content. Just use it to check overall performance and monitor the effect of changes.

Tip no.3 – Optimize your ad unit design and placement. Just make sure that your ads blends into your blog. Medium rectangle (300×250), wide skyscraper (160×600) and leaderboard (728×90) seems to work best. You just need to configure your ads so that it looks as part of your blog.

Tip no.4 – Maximize revenue from multiple units. As much as I want to maximize my earnings but I think for this part you just have to understand that more ads units does not means more earnings. You have to make sure you have enough ads units rather than a lot of ads units. The point is not to let your readers or visitors feel that you’re eager for money.

Tip no.5 – Track and measure results. For every modification you make, you need to monitor and check the effects. If it helps to improve your earnings, keep it. If not, move on to another modification. It’s a general step that we have to keep on doing it again and again.

Overall we need to analyze and understand our blogs from different point of views, which is visitor, advertiser and our own. Use tools like custom channels to check and monitor our blog performance as we made modification on our blogs. Test and modified accordingly always. There are always rooms for improvement and optimization as any little changes you make might affect your blog. Interesting part is you’ll never know until you test it out. The more you test, the better your blog becomes.



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2 Responses to “Tips from Google to Boost your Business during Slowdown with the help of Google Analytics 4th”

  1. Frank Lynch says:

    You have posted some absolutely very practical and direct approach tips. I really wonder how many of us really look into our blog page from reader’s & advertiser’s point of view.It very important to know the pulse of your reader and to know what they will like so we need to do some good research on our Target audience and one more thing i would like to add here is that do not merely advertise for the sake of advertising, if you are advertising something that your blog concept relate to will bring in much better result.

  2. Kumo says:

    Thanks for sharing. It’s not easy to look into things from both readers and advertiser’s point of view but I think it’s worth the effort.