Tips from Google to Boost your Business during Slowdown with the help of Google Analytics 3rd

In the 3rd part of Google education series, they have Jack Herrick – founder of wikiHow to share with us about Speeding up: Attracting more visitors with content and community. The 3 tips that Jack Herrick talks about are produce great content, learn to share and make your community a team.

Tip no.1 – Produce great content. I think all of us know that. Questions we might think of are how we produce great content, what content is considered great and how do we learn to do that. Perhaps if we know the answers to all the questions above, things might be easier. Any how it’s better to have those questions in mind rather than just writing without giving it a thought. Ask yourself these 3 questions everyday and you’ll be able to keep on improving as you continue to search for answers. There is one sentence that inspires me when Jack Herrick talks about tip no.1 “don’t settle for acceptable content, always strive to produce amazing content that your readers can’t resist sharing.” It seems like it is better to create content that readers feel like sharing than just content that is good to read. I suppose writing content that meant to share will be the best. Perhaps you might want to ask yourself this question each time you write your content “If I’m the reader, will I want to share this to my friends?”

Tip no.2 – Learn to share. I think we have to learn to share not just when writing our blog or site but also in real life too. Only through sharing we will continue to learn new things. It’s a process that keeps us advancing and moving forward. It is also said that knowledge is useful when shared. People get to know you because of the knowledge that you shared. That goes the same for your blog or site. You’re not just sharing for free but you actually gain something back, what you gain is exposure and traffic.

Tip no.3 – Make your community a team.
The result of team work is always better than individual work. Team work also makes things easier and faster. I think this too applicable in real life. The difference is that we have the chance to interact with people all around the world online. It doesn’t matter what color, country, age or gender as long as we can communicate well and work together. That’s the beauty of community online. Our blog or site can reach every corner in the world as long as it is interesting and attractive. So let’s start making friends online.

It is strange as the tips given are simple and obvious but still we can learn something new or get inspire by it. Perhaps that’s the same as reading the same good book over and over again. Some of us have been learning to blog and earn money for years. No doubt that we gain a lot of information throughout the years but sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics. We never know what we might miss out or perhaps gain when revised.



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3 Responses to “Tips from Google to Boost your Business during Slowdown with the help of Google Analytics 3rd”

  1. Mark Slater says:

    That was nice post Kumo, but i want to add some more tips that can really help to our readers:

    1) Design of blog should be dynamic
    2) WordPress is far more better than blogspot, because
    Google don’t allow 3rd party scripting, while wordpress
    allows, so better turn to wordpress
    3) Visiting to other’s blog, so that they will have a look
    at your’s and if they like your’s they may
    refrence it to others

    4) Tips and tricks with PR can be made if works
    5) Premium advertising or free advertising also can help

  2. entrecardes says:

    I do agree with #3 Make your community a team. but it need more time then any other methods to build up trust.

  3. Kumo says:

    Thanks for sharing. There are actually more info and tips that can add on as I’m sure everybody have their own secret tips.