Tips from Google to Boost your Business during Slowdown with the help of Google Analytics 2nd

In this second part of Google Adsense educational series, Ricardo Prada – user experience researcher at Google is sharing out 3 tips on retaining your visitors. You may check out the post on Speeding up: Retaining your visitors with great user experience. There is also a video clip that comes along with the post. The 3 tips discussed are as below.

1. Design for the tasks that visitors complete on your site.

Tasks come first before layouts. That is true and perhaps the best blog example is Grizzly’s How to Make Money Online For beginners. The blog only focus on the content and there is absolute no layout or any other graphics around. It’s just a simple white background with words on it. Just check out the comments of the blog and you’ll find more then hundreds of people response to each post.

2. Use ads as potential exit paths, not interruptions.

This tip actually makes we struggle a lot in making decisions on where to place my ads. In one hand I like my visitors to have a comfortable view on my blog without the distraction of ads, in the other hand I want to monetize my blog. I suppose the best way is to increase my blog attraction so that people will still stay even if interrupted by the ads. Before my blog reaches that level I think it’s better to clear the path.

3. SEO – only if it makes sense.

Honestly, the only way to tell if the search engine optimizations effective or not is to try it out. Some methods that are effective to other blogs might not be good in your blog. It is best to test it out one by one and monitor the changes. Plus, changes are fast online. The method used today might not be effective tomorrow. We have to be sensitive on the changes to keep up the volume of traffic. Perhaps we can understand this by just witnessing the changes of Google search engine. Throughout the years many plans have been carry out and many ideas have been drop by Google. Just by following up the changes of Google page rank, we know that SEO strategies must change accordingly.

We have to look at all the given tips from both Google side and blogger side in order to gain benefits. We are depending on each other to survive after all.



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2 Responses to “Tips from Google to Boost your Business during Slowdown with the help of Google Analytics 2nd”

  1. Amy Rich says:

    The content is any day the king! If your blog doesnt have good contents nobody will come back,but if you have some real genuine information that people would like to know about your topic of discussion is welcomed.And it really annoys the visitors when a blog is bombarded with the advertisements it actually turn them off your blog.And the SEO is any day very good option to increase web have made your points very clear.Simple and easy to understand.All the best!! 🙂

  2. Kumo says:

    Thanks. Content definitely makes it all at the end of the day.