Thinking too much while blogging might reduce productivity

Blogging is just the same as attending a language class back in high school as you are giving a task of writing 500 to 1000 words composition. Back in those days I could hardly produce 500 words of composition no matter how sufficient time was given. Now I can easily write 1000 words of blog post in couple of hours if my mind is clear and focus. Unfortunately there is always something there to distract us even if we are sitting comfortable blogging at home.

One of the most common distractions is having too much things in our mind while blogging. In other words, sometimes we just can’t focus while blogging. Most bloggers tend to fall for this after blogging for years. When we have too many things to consider and too many ideas to blog about, we kind of lost our way when blogging. A simple sentences can be written in several different ways but still able to maintain the same meaning. Bloggers will tend to consider the best way to construct the sentence in such a way so that it favors either readers or search engine. This is one of the examples of distraction. And if the blogger try to do research on the best keywords to fit into the sentences, it can take hours to write a simple short blog post. When it takes longer than usual to produce a blog post, it increases the chances for other distractions to jump in.

The best way to overcome this problem is to write your blog post fast. Write your first draft of your blog post by only focusing on the ideas or content. Work on the keywords, grammar, sentence structure and research later on when you go through your first draft. Try to complete the blog post within an hour. Of cause this method is for short blog post with less than 1000 words.



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