Thinking about what to blog at home might not be a good idea

It is true that we can search almost anything online looking for topics to blog about. Spending some time reading blogs, checking out website and watching YouTube video clips might give you some inspiration and ideas to blog. This method is good and practical but not encouraging. Sitting at home staring at monitor every day for long period of time is not healthy. If you continue to practice this method for years, you will get bored and break down at the end eventually.

If you are planning to pursuit for money making opportunities online via blogging for long time, take a walk outside as much as possible. A walk down the streets, park, shopping complex, bookstore, restaurant and any other places that you can think about is good for your blogging. There is a lot of newly fresh information that you can sense and gather outside. Remember that you don’t have to stare at the monitor to think about the topics that you want to blog. You can build and plan your blog post while you are taking a walk. Construct you blog post as you talk to people and enjoying the view. Everything that you see and experience will be included into your blog post. This will make your blog post more alive and unique. Blog post created mainly using information gather online will only seems repeating similar information from other blogs. For long term basic, we need our blog to be unique and alive rather than boring with repeated information.



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