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think with GoogleOne of the things which successful entrepreneurs practice is being creative. Unique ideas and creative methods usually are the keys to success when pursuit for money making opportunities online. You may argue that if you follow the path of a successful entrepreneur and mimic his or her action, you will still reach success. But how many entrepreneurs who practice this method actually become successful? Even if you are planning to do so, you will still break away at certain point because problems facing will not be the same. Previous guide lines, tricks and experience can only serve as reference. At the end of the day you still have to come out with your own new solution. This is when your creativity and innovative serves you best. The problem is we don’t always come out with great ideas which actually can solve the problems. We need to collect ideas from everybody and choose the best solution for the problem. The question is how do we collect ideas? Technically we cannot ask for ideas unless we pay for others to do so. But we can surround ourselves with ideas that people share online. Some of the ideas might be useful, some might not. But if you are constantly feeding your brain with random creative ideas, you should be able to come out with better creative solution when you are facing problems. Remember that things don’t actually grow or born from nothing. You need to plan the seed and water it every day so that it grows into a tree. A 10 year old genius will become a normal person if he or she stops consuming knowledge. A 10 year old normal kid can become a knowledgeable person if he or she never stops learning.

Check out Google Creative Sandbox Think with Google. You can find some interesting ideas which are fun to explore. Consider it as a website to grow your creativity and innovation.



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