Think and ask the right questions

Since I started this blog about money making opportunities, I seem to generate a strange kind of habit by connecting money making with everything I see and get in touch with. When I take a walk or driving around the streets, I kind of think about how the shops or people around me make money or earn a living. When I watch TV and saw a singer or actor, I kind of think of every possible ways these people can make money. Sometimes I even go further by checking online on how some people able to make millions of dollars. It is kind of interesting because you might discover a lot of ways to make money which you can’t even imagine or think about. The basic rule is determined the demand and supply it. Sometimes the demand can be very strange and so does the way to supply it. Especially when you discover that some people can easily make millions of dollars by just a flip of hand, a lot of mix feelings can be fighting within your mind.

So how do you discover such unique money making opportunities? First of all you can wait for somebody to tell you, but it won’t be unique and you won’t be the first to run this business. And of cause you can’t mimic or replicate because there are no such business yet. You just have to think about it yourself and ask the right questions to yourself. The keyword is “Why”. Obviously there is no guarantee that you’ll find any money making opportunity any time soon, but it is a good practice to train your mindset to discover money making opportunity around you if there is one.

Some of questions that you can ask are as below:

  • Why is it drawing so much attention?
  • Why people love it?
  • Why is it so difficult to get it?
  • Why people are paying so much money for it?

When you start asking questions, don’t just stop at the question mark. Start doing research and look for answers. If you are able to find the answer, you might find money making opportunities. Remember that chances of finding money making opportunities still there even if you get the wrong answer.



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