Things that you need to do after posting your blog post

Pursuing for money making opportunities online via blogging is not just about creating good quality content. If you actually hope to increase your income or trying to make enough money to go full time, you need to do a lot more than just creating content. Right after you push the “publish” button, below are some of the things you need to do. You need to share your blog post on your online social network. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other online social network that you have must include a link to your latest blog post. Usually we tend to set it up so that it automatically posts the link once you publish the blog post. You can also try to discuss your blog post at forums or place the links at other blogs comment. Depending on the comments and feedback that you get, you may try to write another blog post which related to your initial blog post. Consider it as the second episode of the story. Sometimes an idea or a concept can evolve or expand to new areas or field which we might not realize at the beginning. This is usually how good ideas are born. You need a lot of feedbacks and opinions from variety of people to make it close to perfect. This is also how blogger generate flows of content so that they can continue blogging on and on.



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