Things that Google Adsense done for Publisher so far

Google Adsense has a page call Product Ideas page which you can provide ideas regarding product and feature updates that you like Google Adsense to carry out. Since the launched of Product Ideas page, Google Adsense has been receiving over 600 ideas from publishers all around the world. According to the article An update on the Adsense Product Ideas page, below are the things or action that Google Adsense takes to fulfill publishers wishes. Consider this as a progress review.

Let’s take a look at what Google Adsense has done so far. First of all Google Adsense has publicly shared the revenue earning of Adsense for content and Adsense for search. Ads category blocking is now available in 13 languages. Publishers are able to filter up to 11 ads categories including religion, dating, politics and weight loss. Request to change the country of payment can be done directly in the new Adsense interface, but this is limit to certain countries only. The new Adsense interface offers ad units, ads sizes and ads type reports in the Performance Reports tab. The new Adsense interface also includes a date range selector just like Google Analytics. Publisher is able to compare and check the earnings over a certain time of period. The reports can be done by weeks, months or entire time.

It seems that Google Adsense has done a great job in response to publishers request and wishes, still I think most publishers only concern about the money making opportunities within. That means if Google Adsense able to improve their system and platform that enables publishers to make money easier than any other ideas can be discard. Let’s just be honest. Why do we become Google Adsense publisher?



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  1. Jennifer says:

    I am using Adsense for about 5 years and I am very happy and earning are not really bad. I have never made a fortune, but I SEO my articles properly and usually i am getting a high conversion for most keywords. Adsense is great and they always provide us with good feedback.