Things do not always go as plan but

We usually plan when we pursuit for money making opportunities online. If fact we plan most of the things in our life. Especially if we intended to make sure things are done accordingly, planning is a must. Unfortunately sometimes unexpected event occurs still even if we plan ahead. Does this mean we don’t have to plan? Well, the odds of unexpected event occurs are low and you might hit the jackpot if you are unlucky. Even so, it is still an advantage to plan ahead because we are able to save time, energy and money.

So what happens when things do no go as plan? In other words what do you do when things did not go as what you plan? Do you call off the whole plan? Quit and make a u turn? Skip the plan and go for the next plan? Study the unexpected event and try to come out with another plan? Gather opinions and advices from others and try to come out with a solution?

Regardless of what steps or actions you take, life goes on. Nothing is perfect. You can only try to make sure that things proceed as close as plan. It is definitely better than not having a plan at all. Results will always better if you have a plan.

Now here’s the thing about planning. If you really work on your plan, there should be at least a backup plan. That means a second plan or plan B just in case the initial plan did not work out. In other words you should prepare an alternative plan just in case unexpected event occurs which disrupted your initial plan. And if you put a lot of effort in planning, you should have plan B, C and D to counter various unexpected events. I think this is the main reason or purpose we plan.



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